The Origin

Adventure and change

LTX 2019 had a great impact on the path of The Summon. Linus from LTT himself had taken pictures of my Mystery Box PC case. But where did this path begin? 

After completing two degrees in Computer Science and Game Development, I went to experience China for a year, both a challenging and rewarding adventure. Obviously, I needed a new set up. When looking for accessories to upgrade my sad setup, I ended up just as sad. Finding cool, useful accessories I liked was tough. SO I BUILT THEM


Despite the success of these projects, there are a lot of features and implementations I would improve. My work has since then evolved for the purpose of building gaming accessories with true character. The Summon is a project aiming to explore the possibilities of combining RGB with useful features like USB hubs, phone chargers, storage, etc.


Summoning You

To ensure the project's success in bringing you these unique designs, I'm looking for crowdfunding. Your support through donation or preorder will ensure we have the equipment required and availability to you, the gaming community. Any help is incredibly appreciated. Help The Summon by joining the Kickstarter campaign.


About Me

The Gamer Behind The Summon

I'm a 27-year old Canadian and have been playing games since I've been able to hold a controller. I love games and immersing myself in them. I'm good, but being creative was always my main passion. I'm currently hired as a full-time Tech Consultant, but it's definitely not as fulfilling as making fun, useful tech, my true calling. If you ask me, wildly available accessories don't the offer selection you deserve. Help me make The Summon more than just a dream and creating gaming accessories with true character my priority.



Montreal, Canada

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