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The Origin

Adventure and change

I'm Daniel, I created The Summon to create awesome accessories of GLORIOUS RGB. LTX 2019 had a huge impact on the path of The Summon. Linus from LTT himself had taken pictures of my Mystery Box PC case. But where did this path begin? 

After completing two degrees in Computer Science and Game Development, I went to experience something entirely different, China, for a whole year. It was a truly challenging and rewarding adventure, learned mandarin along the way.

Some day before the New Year, having just learned about a cool tech market across the city AND knowing I could make it to LTX for the LAN by Hackfest, I NEEDED a new SETUP. When looking for accessories to upgrade my sad setup, I struggled to find them. I decided to change this disappointment into awesome.


With the help of YouTube, I learned how to build a graphics card LED backlit backplate. I whipped out my modeling skills from gamedev and built it and the case. Acrylic sheets were ordered lasered to order and I assembled a 1000+ part 3D puzzle (I didn't plan out the parts well, tragic). The result was phenomenal. Kyle from Bitwit and Paul from Paul's Hardware both signed my backplate. Linus even stopped to admire my PC.

Mystery Box PC
Constant Evolution
CAD drawing for my first custom case.png
Sword and Backplate
Gamin is our first love
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Despite the success of these projects, there are a lot of features and implementations I already plan to improve. My skills evolved for the purpose of building gaming accessories with true character. The recent prototypes developed are an astounding reflection of this quest's progress. They are nearly finalized. The Summon's first goal is to further explore the possibilities of combining RGB functionality with useful features like USB hubs, phone chargers, and physical storage.

It's dangerous to go alone

This is why I'm...

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...Summoning You

Light the path and help in the development.

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About Daniel

The Gamer Behind The Summon

A 28-year old Canadian, I've been playing games since able to hold a controller. I love games and immersing myself in them. I'm good, but building and being creative were always my passions. I'm currently hired as a full-time Tech Consultant, but it's definitely not as fulfilling as making awesome and useful things, my true calling. If you ask me, wildly available gaming accessories don't the offer selection you deserve. If you agree with that, The Summon is there for you. We've already started building and are proud to say we're ready to start opening shop. Help in making The Summon more than just a dream and creating gaming accessories with true character THE priority.

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