Arcana RGB

Arcana RGB

Enchanting RGB... light and playful.


Add an element of fantasy color-matched to any room with this one of a kind RGB lamp.


-Full RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color array

-Choose colors, make it unique and match other elements

-Use a controller, included buttons or the app to control light

-Multiple presets, create your own!

-Dimmable, with natural color


From a game room to your alchemical foyer... or a night stand, brighten up every room with a touch of RGB magic.

  • How they're made

    This incredible lamp is assembled in-house using high quality 3D printed PLA parts and RGB LED technology obtained from a manufacturer. The parts are created using models owned and developed by The Summon. From the moment you purchase something, our gears will start moving and not so much later, you'll be holding your unique masterpiece.

    Parts are first printed in the colors of your selection.

    From the print, enclosure parts are checked for any issue. They are then cleaned and prepared for assembly.

    The enclosure is then assembled, sealed, and tested again for functionality and visual soundness.

    Finally, the product is packaged and placed in shipping on its way to you! Time to let the Arcana enchant you.

  • Purchase policy

    You are entitled to a refund or replacement if the product is defective upon receipt or within the 30 days following the receipt of the product.

    If within 30 days following the purchase, you are dissatisfied with the product, you are entitled to a refund or an exchange.

    In the event of damage within the next 6 months, The Summon will try, to the extent of the reasonnable to replace or repair the product, free of charge. Shipping fees will apply. Damage resulting from contact with liquids, heat sources, chemical reactions, or radiation will not be covered. 

    All returns, repairs, or replacements will require the purchase receipt, original payment method, and/or validation of identity through one of multiple options.

C$90.00 Regular Price
C$70.00Sale Price


Montreal, Canada

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